Life in Virginia
Hello, Thanks for visiting, My name is Angela and my family and I live in Southside, VA. in a small area named Axton. My hubby, Wayne, was born and raised in Franklin Co. VA. and I was born and raised in Seagrove, NC. Now we all live in between the two.
We share our home with our 3 daughters Alexandra, Samantha & Heaven. We have also homeschooled our daughters since 2005 and we haved loved "almost" every minute of it. We also have a dog named "kingy" a cat named "Moses" a fish named "Red Rock" and now our newest additions are 25 chicks. Some with names and some not named as of yet, I let the personality name them.

My journey started in late March when I discovered that my hubby and kids were plotting to build a chicken coop for my birthday, which isn't until May. Well when hubby finally spilled the beans, or chick food, I then sprang into action. I immediately got the phone book and started calling all the feed stores around my area. No one had any chicks. My smile turned to a frown and my hubby told me "you don't need them until May anyways". Well I kept calling and finally Leggetts Town & Country said "Yes, we have chicks" but the excitement didn't last long because I was told they were all spoken for. But he said if anyone cancelled that he would call me.
I mopped around until the following day. The phone rang and it was the feed store. YIPPEE! I thought, but then I calmed down and answered, "Hello" the man on the other end said " We had a cancellation and there are 12 RIR's if you want them" I said "YES'. I immediately went to pick them up. HORRAY!! Well a week later I called and asked if he could order me some Golden Reds (Comets) and they came in the following week. Then while picking them up I asked if he could order some White Leghorns and the following week I went to pick them up. When we got to the store there was a different type of chicks in with the RIR's and I asked if I could purchase that one also and he said "Yes". Come to find out, with the help of BYC, our mystery chick is a Brown Leghorn. I was so excited because they are such beauties. I named it Maybelline (for apparent reasons). If it winds up being a roo, I'll call him Mabe.
Then my daughters got in on the action and asked Dad if they could purchase their own chick and of course he said "Yes". So I called the feed store and asked what he had coming in and he said he had extra Black Sex- Links coming in and so when they came in, he called, and we went to pick them up. We also came home with 4 extra W. Leghorns due to the fact he ordered 4 more for me. Well a neighbor from BYC had bought some straight run RIR's from the local TSC and wound up with 8 roos, I asked my hubby if it was O.K. for me to buy one from her for my soon to be hens and he said "Yes. Well in the end I now have 2 RIR roos and 11 RIR hens. The others are still to young to tell what they will be. I will update as I find out.
We have had a fun time building our coop, which isn't quite finished yet, but myself and my family are loving all these chicks. The 2 roos are named BarBQ and Cajun.
Here not very long ago I purchased an incubator so we could possibly hatch our own eggs, well the 1st batch of 4 eggs is due to hatch on June 9th. The 2nd batch of 3 eggs is due to hatch on June 19th. Wish us happy hatching. I am praying for many fertile eggs to keep the bator up and running.
Life has surely changed here in Axton in the last several weeks and I pray that the fun intends on hanging around here for a while. I'll post pictures of coop and chicks when I can figure out how.
Thanks again for visiting and God bless you all.


Ya!!!!! Good news!!!!! Stacey (gumpsgirl) offered to put some of my hens eggs in her bator to hatch for me. Well, she had room for 18 eggs. On the last candling that she done only 1 of the 18 wan't growing, so she tossed it. As of 1-28-09 at 3:23 p.m. 3 have already hatched and today is day 20. Ya!!!! I am so excited. It just assures to me that Spring is right around the corner. I'll let you know how many hatch successfully.