[FONT=comic sans ms,sand]Here you will find a variety of Machine Quilted Fabric Baskets. These baskets are made from High-Quality 100% Cotton Fabric (outer layer) and the (inner liner) is made up of a Heavy-Duty High-Quality Fabric that allows for years of use. The baskets range in size from. 6x14 to 9x12. Each basket is reasonably priced at $20.00 +($2.00 shipping).
These baskets are hand-crafted here in my home in Axton, Virginia and all the items used are purchased locally.
Remember the Christmas Holiday is just around the corner and these would make wonderful gift baskets filled with lots of goodies. (buyer has to fill with goodies )
Below is an assortment of baskets that I have available.....Happy Shopping

crafts09007-1.jpg crafts09008-1.jpg crafts09009-1.jpg crafts09010-2.jpg
crafts09011.jpg crafts09012-2.jpg crafts09013-2.jpg crafts09014-2.jpg
crafts09015-1.jpg crafts09016-1.jpg crafts09018.jpg crafts09019.jpg
crafts09020.jpg crafts09021.jpg crafts09022.jpg crafts09023.jpg
crafts09024.jpg crafts09025.jpg crafts09026.jpg crafts09027.jpg