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    Confused with all these abbreviations you run into on a daily basis on BYC? Well here's hoping this list will help you out.

    Forum Acronyms

    ACV = Apple cider vinegar
    APA = American Poultry Association
    ASOP = American Standard of Perfection
    BIL= Brother in Law

    B.O.B = Best of Breed (not the rap singer)
    BOSS = Black Oil Sunflower Seed
    BQ = Breeder quality
    BTW = By the Way
    BV = Best of Variety
    BYC = Back Yard Chickens (The website)
    CC= Cushion Comb
    CL= Craig's List
    CRD = Chronic Respiratory Disease

    DD = Dear Daughter, Dear Dad
    DE = Diatomaceous Earth
    DF = Dear Father
    DH = Dear (most times) Husband
    DL = Down Low

    DLM = Deep litter method
    DM = Dear Mother, Dear Mom
    DP = Dual Purpose
    DS = Dear Son
    DSD = Dear Step Daughter
    DSF = Dear Step Father
    DSM = Dear Step Mother
    DSS = Dear Step Son
    DW = Dear Wife
    EE = Easter Egger
    ETA = Edited to add
    EO= English Orpington
    FF = Fermented Feed

    FIL = Father in Law
    FL = Feather Legged
    FOC = Free of Charge
    FS = For sale
    FTGH = Free to Good Home

    FWIW = For What It’s Worth
    FYI = For your information
    GF = Girl Friend
    GP = Great P
    yrenees (a breed of dog bred to guard livestock)
    HB = Heavy Breed
    H = Heritage Breed ie=HRIR (Heritage Road Island Red)
    HQ Hatchery Quality

    IB = Infectious Bronchitis
    IIRC = If I Remember Correctly
    ILT = Infectious Laryngotracheitis
    IME = In My Experience
    IMHO = In my honest/humble opinion
    IMO = In my opinion
    LF = Large Fowl
    LFS = Local Feed Store

    LGD = Livestock Guardian Dog
    LG = Little Giant Incubator
    LOL = Laugh Out Loud
    MIL = Mother in Law
    MPC = My Pet Chicken
    NCD = Newcastle Disease

    NSQ = Non Show Quality
    OP = Original poster
    OS = Older sister
    OT = Old Timer
    PC= Pea Comb

    POL = Point Of Lay
    PR = Pair
    PS = Post Script

    PQ = Pet Quality
    RB = Reserve Breed
    RC = Rose Comb
    Roo = Rooster
    RV = Reserve Variety
    SC = Single Comb
    SIL = Sister in Law
    SMH = Shake My Head

    SO = Significant Other
    SOP = Standard of Perfection (
    in relation to judging birds against the particular breeds standard of what a perfect representation of the breed would be.)
    SP? = Spelling Right?
    SQ = Show Quality
    SSS = Shoot, Shovel, and Shut up!
    TLDR = Too long, didn't read

    TSC = Tractor Supply Co
    TY = Thank You
    UP-ACV = Unpasturized Apple Cider Vinegar
    WB = Welcome Back
    WF = Water Fowl
    WTB = Want To Buy

    WTH = What the heck
    WWYD = What would you do
    X-BATT = Rescued Battery Hen
    YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary

    Breed Acronyms

    AG = American Game
    AS = Appenzeller Spitzhauben
    ANDY = Blue Andalusian
    AMER = Ameraucana
    BA = Black Australorp
    BBSO= Black/Blue/Splash Orpington
    BCM = Black Copper Marans
    BJG= Black Jersey Giant
    BLRW = Blue Laced Red Wyandotte
    BM = Black Minorca
    BO = Buff Orpington
    BR = Barred Rock
    BPR = Barred Plymouth Rock
    BS = Black Star (hybrid named by hatcheries, bird is a Black Sex Link)
    BSL = Black Sex Link
    CL = Cream Legbar
    CM = Cuckoo Marans
    CPR = Columbian Plymouth Rock
    CW = Columbian Wyandotte
    CX = Cornish Cross
    DB = Dark Brahma
    DC = Dark Cornish
    EE = Easter Eggers
    FAV = Faverolles
    FBCM = French Black Copper Marans
    GC = Golden Campine
    GCM = Golden Cuckoo Marans
    GLC = Gold Laced Cochin
    GLO= Golden Laced Orpington
    GLW = Golden Laced Wyandotte
    GPH = Gold Penciled Hamburg
    GSL = Gold Sex Link
    JG = Jersey Giant
    IB = Iowa Blue
    ISA = ISA Browns
    LB = Light Brahma
    LS = Light Sussex
    MFD = Mille Fleur D'Uccle
    MH = Mottled Houdan
    NH = New Hampshire
    NHR = New Hampshire Red
    NN = Naked Neck Turken
    OE = Olive Egger
    OEG = Old English Game (usually standards)
    OEGB = Old English Game bantam
    PPR = Partridge Plymouth Rock
    PR = Production Red
    PW = Partridge Wyandotte
    RIR = Rhode Island Red
    RIW = Rhode Island White
    RO = Russian Orloff
    RSL = Red Sex Link
    RS = Red Star (hybrid named by hatcheries, bird is a Red Sex Link)
    SB = Sicillian Buttercup
    SF = Salmon Faverolles
    SFC = Sweedish Flower Chicken
    SFH = Sweedish Flower Hen
    SPPR = Silver Pencilled Partridge Rock
    SSH = Silver Spangled Hamburg
    SS = Speckled Sussex
    SLW = Silver Laced Wyandotte
    WCP = White Crested Polish
    WCBP = White Crested Black Polish
    WFBS = White Faced Black Spanish
    WL = White leghorn
    WR = White Rock

    Poultry Colour Acronyms

    BBS = Blue/Black/Splash breedings
    B/L/R = Blue Laced Red
    B/L = Blue Laced
    BLK = Black
    B/S = Blue/Splash
    BU = Buff
    GL = Golden Laced
    POR = Porcelain
    PA = Paint
    P = Partridge
    SL = Silver Laced
    W = White

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