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Rainbow Ranch

By aoxa, Jan 11, 2012 | Updated: Dec 12, 2012 | | |
  1. aoxa
    We FINALLY have a farm! After a lot of hard work moving all of those chickens, they are settled in and enjoying life. They free range on 1.5 acres with extra room behind the barn that is all wooded.

    Right now we have 18 full grown chickens! 14 hens/pullets, 3 roosters, and 1 rooster who thinks he's a duck WAY too many to count.

    My Barred Rocks (Production Quality)

    Marge FINALLY started laying on January 12th 2012! GO MARGE! [​IMG]


    Marge went broody June 27th 2012 and hatched out 2 babies on July 18th and July 20th - and took on 19 RSL chicks as a co-parent with Flora Mae (silkie)


    Jagger is my sweet BR cockerel. I brought him home October 13th 2011 @ 3 months old or so..

    We discovered that Jagger loves chicks. He loves to watch over them. He protects them from injury-causing hens. I think he believes they are his own.. I don't have the heart to tell him they are adopted.


    Daughter of Marge & Jagger. She's Marge's clone!
    My Heritage Type Barred Rocks



    We named her Barbara because it's just fun to say Barbara the Barred Rock. So I'm a bit of a goof, but it fits. We have two pullets that we call Barbara. Both are Barred Rocks. They were born just before Easter Weekend 2012!
    The other Barbara

    These girls did really well in show, and they aren't even that old yet. The one pictured above won Best in Breed. I am very proud of them! Can't wait to breed them next spring.



    Roger I

    Roger II

    We call both of the boys Roger. I can definitely tell them apart though. Roger II has a much longer tail. Roger I was very slow to develop his feathers.

    My Silkies

    Lorraine was my first silkie. We brought her home on August 9th 2011 at 8 weeks old. She was so cute and so fluffy.
    *Update: First egg - March 24th 2012!**

    If any chicken was stupid out of any of my chickens, I would say it was Lorraine.

    Lorraine's awful molt of fall 2012. Hehehe..


    Pearl started laying January 16th 2012!



    Steve is was our alpha rooster! He keeps the peace and protects his girls (not really). After we moved, he lost his head rooster title. Poor guy.. How long could he be above Jagger anyway?

    Steve is always on the lookout. He is wonderful at warning the girls of danger, but has never attempted to fight off an intruder (ie: the cat). He will not eat until his hens have stuffed their crops. He is such a gentleman.



    Daughter of Steve & Lorraine Hatched 5-5-12


    Daughter of Steve and Lorraine. Hatched 5-5-12

    George Jr.

    Frizzled Silkie cockerel. Son of George & Flora Mae. Hatched 5-5-12


    Daughter of Steve & Pearl. Hatched 5-27-12


    Daughter of Steve & Lorraine. Hatched 5-29-12


    Daughter of George & Flora Mae. Hatched offsite, but she is with us now. Hatched mid-May 2012


    Son of Steve & Pearl. Hatched 5-27-12

    We have more silkies, but all are too young to name... Not sure which ones are keepers yet.

    The Cochins


    Mabel is a cochin. She has mixed colours between buff and partridge. She was born on July 30th 2011

    She started laying February 28th 2012



    On to one of my favourites…

    She is named solely for her personality. Honey is the sister of Mabel. They are the same age.

    Honey was free. Dave gave her to me because she was not SQ. She has a bad left eye. It looks like someone pecked her, but it has never gotten better. Honey is my baby <3

    She won me POW on April 27th 2012! Go Honey!

    Honey laid her first egg April 17th 2012!

    Honey's molt of 2012


    And than there is Janet. She is a partridge LF cochin. Late Spring 2011 hatch as well. She seems small for a cochin.. and I did see her mother who was in the same pen as she was.. Ah well. She is beautiful, and lays the prettiest multi-coloured eggs. Went broody twice in 2012.

    Janet laid her first egg January 26th 2012!


    My Other Hens (one of a kind)

    Ruby - Rhode Island Red

    Now THIS is what a true RIR looks like. No offence to Penny (who I adore!) but there is something about this deep mahogany colour that is extremely pleasing to the eyes.

    Ruby's age is unknown. Born sometime in 2011.


    Harriet - Beardless Buff Laced Polish

    Funniest chicken EVER. Born late spring 2011

    I find their preening activity especially entertaining. [​IMG]


    Denny - Delaware

    The head hen. The boss man. The queen of the roost. Take your pick. She is all of those things.

    Denny is a Delaware hen. She was born in 2010 I believe. Not 100% sure. She molted in fall of 2011 and again in 2012. So she is at least 2 years old. If not older.


    The Red Sex Links AKA Pennies.


    Penny. The favourite Penny. No really she is. Friendliest chicken I have. She has no fear of humans. Very sweet girl. All of the other Pennies were named after her.

    She is constantly in your face and trying to steal your food. She does not frighten easily, and will fly right up on your lap if you have something that appeals to her.
    As for laying, she is my best. All fall she gave me an egg a day right up until she started molting (before Christmas). She took two weeks off (to shed the feathers) and started up again when she was still all pins, and hasn't stopped for even a day yet! Penny is a working girl.

    Some of the younger Pennies..


    The Ducks

    Macy - Lilac Pied Muscovy

    Macy is our muscovy hen. Born late August/Early September 2011.
    I wasn’t planning on getting ducks at all. My Fiance was the one who wanted them.

    We had settled on either Muscovy or Khakki Campbell, but Macy just took my breath away. I loved her markings. I loved her eyes.

    Muscovies are quiet ducks. Very broody. Macy tried to set on eggs 4 or 5 times in 2012. Each and every time I stopped her, as we do not have a drake to fertilize the eggs, and I didn't think chicken eggs were a good idea. We will have call eggs for her to hatch come 2013. She'll finally get to be a mother!


    Khaki Campbell

    We had to rehome Ruth after he tried to mate our chickens one too many times. In his place, we added two female Khaki Campbell ducklings.

    Born in the beginning of 2012, or very late December 2011.



    We can tell them apart by their walk. Martha is a little bow legged, but gets around no problem. Just walks funny.

    The Call Ducks - Blue Fawn

    Randy the drake

    My favourite of the trio. He's quiet. I like that about him!



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  1. jadekin
    Wow. You got a great mix in your flock. Love the names & pics.
  2. Abriana
    What a cute little flock! I love the pic of the hen with all the babies on her back. Beautiful ducks too!
  3. bobhoke
  4. nenebynature
    You have so many males! I have not added any boys to my flock yet. I'm not sure if I will I've read so many horror stories Great post!
  5. CrazyChookLady5
  6. BantamFan4Life
    Wonderful farm! I love your pictures.
  7. poultryman17
    awesome pics. thanks for sharing.
  8. Englishjodes
    Lovely babies! Keep us updated please! XD
  9. Roxannemc
    YOur photos are wonderful and you help me to really understand the personalities of your birds This could almost be a "chicken" book if you added a few stories of escapades of the fowl beteen photos of them.I enjoyed it very much
  10. Snack Giver
    steve is cute.

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