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By adeters2 · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. adeters2
    Here is the inside perches.

    Entry to the laying boxes. (12x16x12)

    IMG_0007.jpg From inside the yard.
    IMG_0006.jpg The Boys Club.... No girls allowed! This is where the overflow of testosterone goes! They can look at the ladies... but cant touch!!!
    IMG_0005.jpg Roof raises on the older one for cleaning..... but gets heavy quick! Thus the pole for support! lol

    Here is the roosting for the boys! When 13 became 26, I had to build the new one!! Plus needed to seperate the boys to aid in egg production!!

    IMG_0002.jpg Here's the first coop for the first 13. ( they started as chicks!!) It's now the "Hay Barn". It will hold 4 bales comfortably, and keep it somewhat dry..... The roof raises on this one as well. From rear to front.

    IMG_0001.jpg Granja de Pollos... spanish for Chicken Farm.

    184365637509.jpg Here's Anthony with his newest additions to the yard. We'll keep them in the house for a while to get accustomed to us then they join the others.....

    184639253637.jpg The newest additions to the family. Leghorn Chicks, hatched by one of my hens in the yard.


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