Hello PEOPLE!!I AM BIG!! NOW IM SMALL! Now I am just where I want to be. How is everybody? Ok, here is whats goin down. AFTER reading this, I would like ya'll to read the post titled HELP!! under the Emergansies/ Injuries/? I dont know what the last one is!!! Anyway, it would be awesome if you read it!! k? ok. I technically have 14 1/2 chickens cause 1 is sick right now. that is what the post i want you to read is about. it is very sad and very interesting at the some time. We have lost to many chickens this year. I WANT MY MOMMY TO GET ME MORE CHICKENS!!!! I know, you must think that 15 is pretty good, but........ I WANT MORE!!! He He Ha Ha!! Mwahahahahahahahahaha! He He! Anyway........ BYE!!