An Open Letter to Egg Shippers

By ozexpat · Apr 13, 2013 · Updated Apr 17, 2013 · ·
  1. ozexpat
    An open letter to egg shippers

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I am excited about our business arrangement and look forward to your eggs arriving here in the best possible condition. While I am sure you have had plenty of experience shipping eggs, I have had vast experience receiving eggs. Many of those I have received have failed miserably. I would like to share what I feel is the ideal way to receive eggs.

    1. Eggs must be fresh. By that I mean that they should be less than 3 days. It takes 3 days for USPS to get the eggs from you to me and then they need to rest for 24 hours. Any eggs over 3 days old when shipped will be over 7 days old when I get them into my incubator. (when I negotiate for shipped eggs that I am going to take overseas I only buy from sellers that can collect the day before and the day of posting). Also remember that the older the egg the larger the air cell so the more damage. Please never ship me an egg laid on a Wednesday.

    2. Please label the eggs before you wrap them. You may only have one breed of birds but I may be buying several orders at one and sometimes I have to look up the shipping label to reference in order to find out who they came from and what breed they are. I am always impressed when the date laid is also on there. A lead pencil or non-toxic marker such as a sharpie are great. One shipper also included a letter code for the different pens. This was great as I could then provide feedback to the shipper about the hatch rates from different pens.

    3. Packing. I prefer the skyline method. using bubble wrapped individual eggs and have them sit large end up. Use lots of shredded paper or styro peanuts to fill the voids between, above and below the eggs. Then place them in a second box with the same material padding. This will minimized impact damage. Lots of heavy and odd shaped items will be in the same trucks as these precious lives. Alternatively, ship with foam inserts available I personally use these to ship eggs overseas. They are more costly but the best solution I have found.

    4. Shipping. Never ship on Thursday. That will guarantee you will give me old eggs. The best shipping days are Saturdays, Monday and Tuesday. This gives the post office wiggle room to mess up the shipment and still get here with time to salvage. A Wednesday and Thursday shipments are risky. Fridays are OK but occasionally the USPS can get eggs here in 2 days and Friday shipments remove that possibility.

    5. Ask me if it is my preference to pick them up at the post office (reducing handling) or not. Some of who work cannot get to the post office. Others would prefer less handled eggs.

    6. Ship me what I buy. Yesterday I got a shipment of advertised as 16+ Ameraucana Buff and Ameraucana eggs. 10 were brown. When I contacted the seller he said that they were not buff colored Ameraucanas but Ameraucana rooster over Buff Orpington hens. This is deceptive and I demanded a refund for the whole sale. 6 blue eggs will not help for me at all.

    The disclaimer that it is in the lap of the gods after they leave their hands is all well and good but you should give the best product available.

    Thanks for reading!

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  1. brahmapapa
    the only add'l comment that I might add is to label shipped egg boxes as containing live embryos, this helps to discourage postal workers from shaking the box because it contains eggs.. labled this way has improved my hatch rates.
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  2. TinyBirds
    the fresh eggs comment is the most important! I candle eggs upon arrival here and after 3 yrs of hatching shipped eggs, I am sure it's only the very fresh eggs (with smallest air sacs) that survive the shipping process. The bigger air cells always swirl around after p.o. handling and there is virtually no chance of hatching them. with fresh eggs (up to 2 days old at shipping) I can get 80-100% to hatch practically just like local eggs! for example the seller "luckypickens" on ebay sends fresh eggs and they always hatch (bought 5 times from her and always have a great hatch). many other sellers seem to think it's okay to send eggs that are already up to 7 days old at shipping time! crazy!
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  3. ChocolateMouse
    Wish my seller had read this! 9_9 Eggs that are sideways in their packing and can wiggle around are bad juju for everyone!
  4. ChickyDick
    Thanks very much for your post. I received a dozen eggs which cost me $75 au. they were wrapped in bubble wrap, then more bubble wrap and more and more. They were packed as tight as a football! I don't think any of them are any good at all. I got another dozen delivered by car and it looks like they are all fine.
    Such a disappointment!!
    Thanks for your advice, it is very useful!
  5. SilkiesForEver
    This is great. Thanks so much for putting this together.
  6. Pozees
    Excellent suggestions, and actually very helpful to those who are new to shipping eggs, thank you!
  7. Mayerling
    This is very well written. How has this been received by the sellers? Have any of them felt offended?

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