So now we have cows!
Two to be exact. So our "Mini Farm" is slowly building.
We have decided to truly join the agriculture community in our neighborhood and start dealing with cows. We just got our first two young steers to begin our herd.
This is Stanley.

He is a Braferd, a cross between a Brahma and a Herferd. He right now weighs about 350 pounds.
This is a full shot of Stanley.
This is Ollie!
He is a mostly Angus cross. Right now he is about 250 pounds. See his little horns!
This is a full shot of Ollie.

Yes they are Stan and Ollie! Just like Laurel & Hardy! After all we already have Oscar & Felix our two dogs and Hubby says thay fit right in on this little "funny farm" LOL
We plan on adding at least three Hereford Heifers and one more steer to the herd. We deceded we don't need a bull, we will just borrow our neighbors.