Chicken "Tractor" Coop
This coop was initially designed to be a tractor, but as it developed it got much bigger than could be moved by hand like a tractor. You'll notice I built it inside, again- the plan was for it to move on wheels- not so much by the time it was done.


This is the frame with the raised coop portion in back. I used redwood on the bottom and fir for the rest of the frame. The frame is tied together with Simpson ties (available at any home improvement store). The coop portion is built of cedar fencing attached to a 2X4 frame with a metal roof. Most of the materials were new, except the roof.




The back has access doors that swing open, this allows for cleaning, egg collecting, feed and water without having to enter the run.


The nest boxes are built in (now if I could only get them not to sleep in them!).


This is a sliding door, the metal U channel is from a home improvement store and the cable is hooked to eye screws. Again, this allows me to close in the chickens without going into the run.



This is the outside of the coop, and shows the "handle" for the sliding door, the vent is built in from a home improvement store.


This is just the other side.


Finished product with a (now unused) PVC feeder from the back. There is ice/frost on the wire which is why it's hard to see the chicks. I actually use this as a chicken "tractor" by using my actual tractor with forks on the front loader- the forks go through the wire between the 2X4 and the coop. I then lift up the whole thing and move it. You have to be careful and it's not simple enough to move every day, but once the chicks have eaten the weeds I move it to another spot. I don't have pictures of this in action.


Doors open, food, water, nesting boxes etc inside. We get a lot of wind, so it's strapped down for the winter. I doubt it would blow over, but just in case!



A couple of beauty shots, that's it!
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