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So you did it, you went and got a few chooks for your backyard. They’re laying now, and you’ve decided you want to get started selling eggs! :bun Now comes the question- how do I get started? ~Kayla~


This was a flock article, to see my flock, and pics of my flock, please visit my profil and look under the articles and then select “Kayla’s Chickens”
Welcome to pictures of my flock! Pandora (Easter egger cockerel): Sephora (Easter egger pullet): Opal (red sex link hen): Maddie {back corner} (red sex link): Rose & Nancy (Rose {White EE} Nancy {mix, blue}): Hallie and Cowboy (Hallie {EE bantam hen} Cowboy {BTB Japanese bantam rooster}): Left to right, Daisy (Black sex link), SS (blue orp), Sassy (blue orp) hens: Big Heifer (blue orp hen): Thank you for reading! Updated: 10/14/18

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