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Approximately 2% of all chicken eggs has some defect, ranging from minor, barely noticeable faults to downright alarming deformities.
Sometimes, in spite of our efforts to provide a nice clean spot for our feathered friends to deposit the rent in, we'll get a dirty egg or two.
Ducks and geese are hardy and fairly easy to raise. Their brooding requirements are simple and they don't need special housing or equipment, but they can be MESSY!
Did you know…? Interesting and curious facts about eggs.
Who says a chicken coop has to be a standard square or rectangular shed-style building with a mesh run attached? The sky's the limit when it comes to designs for chicken coops that are, in some cases, simply out of this world. 1. UFO Chicken Spaceship Coop What do you do with that UFO that crash landed in your backyard? Convert it into a coop of course! Jokes aside, what a brilliant use for some old satellite dishes! 2. Maurice Chicken Coop Car A 1970 Morris Traveller was on its way to...
Keeping chickens is a wonderful hobby, but the price of their companionship and fresh eggs is the feed bill, which can get scary when you keep a large number of birds. In order to make chicken keeping more economical, or perhaps even profitable, here are a few things you can do to cut the expense and reduce your feed costs: 1. Free ranging and foraging. Free ranging chickens can find a lot of things to eat, which will cut back their need for commercial feed quite a bit. However, it is up...
The saying "What starts right, ends right" holds true when it comes to raising turkeys.
Eggs failing to hatch can be a disappointing and sometimes costly experience and finding the cause of the problem can and will help prevent future losses.
Keeping chickens safe and healthy over the colder months is a big concern for their keepers as winter and the extreme weather conditions experienced in certain parts of the world can cause problems such as frostbite and in some cases losses of birds.
We decided to ask for tips from our friendly and helpful members on how to take care of our beloved flocks.
So your kids (or spouse) talked you into chickens. Now, one of the first questions that came up was probably: "How much is this going to cost?" The good news is chickens are really not that expensive to keep.
Old, or otherwise unused sheds of all shapes and sizes have great potential to be converted into chicken coops as these members have done. 1. The Chicken Palace With some well thought out plans these Honeymooners Turned an Old Garden Shed into a Chicken Palace 2. The Pepparkakor Hönshus (Gingerbread Henhouse) From yucky to poopy to chocolate box pretty. The Pepparkakor Hönshus (Gingerbread Henhouse) came a long way! 3. The Retrofit Shed Coop A practical shed to coop conversion with great...
Why are my hens not laying? Some common causes.

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