Articles from WannaBeHillBilly

The story of 15 ducklings, ordered in January 2019 from two different hatcheries.
Inspired by the article »Brooding with Mama Heating Pad« from @Blooie, started to develop something similar for my 2019 Spring Ducklings. The result is the »Momma Heat Cave« for ducklings.
This is the story of somebody who only knew ducks from public ponds, did not have a clue how to raise and keep them and suddenly found himself to be the scared owner of six cute, fluffy, yellow, peeping ducklings.
The story of Katharina Duck who tricked me into having more ducklings.
Another (half) successful attempt to support my inherent laziness: I want to automate as many duck-chores as possible, so i can spend more time with the ducks, bonding with them and teaching them tricks.
I converted a "left-over" prefabricated chicken-house into a vacation-home for my ducks.
Surprise Pears this year! We canned them, following an old recipe from my mom.

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