OK, Here is my Auto Fill Kitty Litter Bucket Waterer.


First I Bought a plactic water trough fill valve from my local feed store for about $13.00.


Then I took out the float and drilled 3 holes.


These are to screw it to a spacer block of wood to set the water level lower in the bucket.


Then I screwed through the top of the Kitty Litter bucket and into the block of wood. I also Installed a garden hose adapter fitting I bought from Lowes and a 3/4 inch PVC riser through the top of the bucket lid and added a 90 degree angle two inch spacer and a female water hose adapter.



Then I installed the float back into the valve and put the lid on the bucket.


I added some quick disconnects I bought from Lowes so that I could remove the hose from the water and put on a sprayer to allow the use of the hose in the coop for cleaning.




Then I took it outside, put the lid on it, hooked up the hose, and turned on the water allowing it to fill till valve shut off. Then using a 2 1/2 inch hole saw I drilled 2 holes on each side and one on each end about 1/2 inch above water fill line. This is so chickens can stick their head through to drink without dirtying up the water. Also hole are too high to kick dirt and bedding into water. I also plan to easily open lid in summer months to drop in frozen bottles of water to keep water cool through the heat of the day.


Total cost to me was about $20.00. What do you think?