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Automatic Wood Chicken Feeder

  1. BYC Support
    Submitted by John Riddell.
    A chicken can open it herself by stepping on the platform.

    "When she stands on the platform the door opens. It means pests can't get to the food, so less wastage. She took about three weeks to learn to use it."


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  1. Two Chicksahs
    That is so clever and cool! I love little wood projects! I notice you left it au natural... Did you post the plans?
  2. sunshynertc
    My hubby is going to make my hens one in a few weeks.
  3. chik love
  4. zachmath12345
    that is beastly!
  5. acro1010
    Have any gotten their heads stuck?
  6. MyPetNugget
    This is THE BEST and cutest idea for a chicken feeder yet!!!! I LOVE it!
  7. lizmcd
    Omg I love it. So much food gets wasted. And that means money wasted. I definitely wanna build this for my girls.
  8. Matthfoster
    very nice... hope they dont jump up while feeding.
  9. Chickengeorge1
    Are theses available to buy??
  10. chicken-herder

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