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    So glad you stopped by here..I love to show off the "kids" like we all do! My name is Robin and I moved south to Virginia from PA three years ago and bought a home with four acres. It's been a real transformation and the best addition to my life has been my chickens! (Some people would think I don't have much of a life, but if you HAVE chickens you understand what I mean). I don't think there are 12-step programs for this addiction!
    About a year after I came here, my neighbor asked me to go down the road "a piece" and look at some Bantams a man had for sale. Well, I was hooked. Clyde came home with six, and I got four. A beautiful red Japanese Rooster (Rufus) and his little harem, Grace, Jenny and Chloe. A few months later I ordered 25 baby Bantams, assorted types.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Clyde started teaching me building essentials so I could put up my own houses and pens. Which I did, willingly but not always to "spec" Poor Clyde, I think some of my creations gave him physical pain! But, my chicken yard has expanded... and expanded..... Last year, I bought some Silkies and some Polish. And of course, an incubator. And my pens/houses have expanded right along with the flock.
    Oh, and did I mention the ducks? Well, you'll just have to look at the pictures. I'm just completing a new "Chick Mahal"... 8 x 12 house with windows and a lovely wooden door with glass inserts. I'm designing the interior now, but there will be a two decker "nursery" and plenty of perches and nesting boxes. Combined with the two houses I already built, there will be plenty of room for everyone!
    Baby Pekins
    [​IMG]Sparky inspecting the building so far!​

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