The Babies....and their Parents
Well, after getting my first chickens, which were fullgrown, in 2006 I ordered 25 bantam day olds. They grew up beautifully and I was SO happy with them. Then I went away for a weekend and left them in the care of a petsitter (along with my dogs and cats). Who would have thought the girl was an idiot? She went home on Sunday but instead of leaving them out of their houses into their run, she left them OUT out... and a predator seeing an easy lunch, killed thirteen of my babies. I cried all afternoon as I found each little ravaged body and buried it. Needless to say, I've not used a petsitter since. My son who returned from the service watches them, with Clyde's help, if I have to be away.

Well, my babies started having babies, and the flock rebounded somewhat. Of course, they just HAD to have their first batch in I raised the chicks inside in my office! Tiny little Barred Rock Bantams, six of them, who moved back outside to the pen in early February.
In Spring 2007 I branched out in breeds, and bought some Silky and Polish chicks, which took the flock's headcount to 50. Of course, it's higher now because the little darlings have been breeding. And producing some adorable hybrids.

NewlyHatchedPolish-1.jpg DSC00159.jpg GardenSpring2008andDucks054-1.jpg
3dayold.jpg DSC00150.jpg SilkieMom.jpg
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