I love banties. They are cuddly sweet, don't eat much or take up much room, and lay the cutest eggs in the world. Having said that, a little history. Our lone silky was living with a turkey and two quail when I upset her entire life by moving the others into a new home. I thought she would appreciate it because the turkey was being just plain MEAN! But because I'm new to the poultry psyche I didn't realize I messed up her life royally. She went broody on me (I guess wanting a new family) and I was getting no eggs whatsoever from her. All she did was sit on her nest, eat and poop. Absolutely pathetic. I checked with BYCers and got a lot of great info and suggestions. I blocked her from nesting, well, the best I could. You know chickens, they'll nest anywhere. I enticed her out into the yard every day and wouldn't let her back in for a few hours and gave her attention and treats. Still no eggs, still moody and broody. I couldn't get her some fertilized eggs, so we tried the next best thing. Three baby banties. They've finally moved into her coop. I've blocked off a section so they can get used to each other safely. The first morning after I put them in, I found the silkie wet and spikey haired (all she needed was a ring in her beak and we could have called her a rock star). I didn't realize that right by her waterer and the chicks waterer was a big enough hole for her to stick her head through. So the scene I came upon was a thirsty chick rushing to get a drink and scurry away before this big black beak came thrusting at her. Talk about stuff nightmares are made of. Anyway, after fixing the fencing problem, thirsty chicks were satisfied and safe. Now after three days of company, silkie is laying eggs again and hopefully in a few more weeks the wall will come down and all four banties will live happily ever after.