Barn House Chicken Housing - In this first picture, you will see the feed box with a hay rack over-top. I mounted two baskets (no longer used in the house)under his feedbox, which the hen's use as nests. This past summer, one of the Wheaten Ameracauna's brooded 6 eggs in the top nest box with horses, goats, ducks and geese all watching. You will note, that I mounted a piece of plywood from the ceiling to the top of the hay rack, to discourage the chickens from roosting on the hay rack, which meant their droppings went into the feed box.
Here you can see the roosts mounted on the wall (5 ft. off the ground), In the corner is a built in feeder. I had to do something to keep horsesfrom getting to the chicken feed. Some of the chickens opted to model the roost and its effectiveness.
Close Up of the Feeder
Basically, I mounted a piece of plywood as a shelf, then mounted 4 2X4 cust on 45 degree both ends into the corner of the stall. Leaving a couple of inches from the shelf to the bottom of the first board. I then mounted another 2X4 about 2 inches in front, thus making a trench where the feed falls out. The chickens can eat for a week or more, while the horses look on, but can not get to the feed. I win!!!!