The Chick nursery
The nursery was new in 2007 and was built to raise chicks and also to house a broody hen when hatching. It has served us well brooding many many chicks. It measueres 3ft deep X 5 ft long and 2 ft high and is mounted on the wall in our barn at the right hight for easy cleaning and feeding.

  • Scrap Lumber 2X4's, 2X2's, Plywood
  • Scrap piece of 2X4 welded wire
  • 2 Ft Chicken Wire (This was left overs from a former garden fence, before I realized chickens will jump over 2 ft fence)
  • Haredwire Cloth
  • Vinyl Floor Scrap piece
  • Cardboard box
  • Made the Bottom 3 Ft. X5 ft. out of the Scrap 2X4's. Added a piece of 2X4 in the center for stability. Covered it with Hardwire cloth
  • Made the top same as Bottom excpet covered with some 2X4 welded fencing
  • Screwed 2 ft. pieces of 2X4 at each corner and center to form box. Covered the outside with 2Ft Chicken wire.
  • Covered the back with scrap piece of plywood to help contain wood shavings.
  • Use piece of vinyl flooring on floor which is easily removed and cleaned.
  • Door was made out of 2X2 and again covered in chicken wire.
  • Mounted on the wall at waist heightf or easy cleaning
  • Cut pieces of cardboard to go around sides and door to contain wood shavings. Easily replaced when needed.
  • ADDED AFTER PICTURES WERE TAKEN - Added a roost (old 2X2) in the center between both the front and back support.
SBarnFront20040801.jpg PeepHouse.jpg
PeepHouseInside.jpg ChicksSettlingIn-1-sm.jpg
Helpful Hints to you - If you are thinking about building a chicken house, read through BYC I got a lot of ideas and gotchas to avoid by reading BYC. Don't be ashamed to go Dumpster diving. You can get a lot for free.