Linds Hatcher

By ThreeBoysChicks · Jan 11, 2012 · ·
  1. ThreeBoysChicks
    Lind's Hatcher -Made just like our incubator, this is a cooler that came had steaks shipped in it. This will be used for hatching while the incubator is used for days 1 - 18.

    Foam Cooler - Free
    PC Fan - Free from Friend
    Fan Adaptor - Free from Friend
    Hardware Cloth - Already Had
    Butter dish for Water.
    NightLight - Already Had
    Hygrometer / Thermometer - Purchased at WalMart
    Light Ficture (Bottle Type) - $6.98 Home Depot
    Hot Water Heater Thermostat - $8.57 at Home Depot
    Plexiglass (1 on Ouside) - Free Ace Hardware


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  1. blzzrdqueen
    What did you use the nightlight for? Was it for extra heat to supliment the other bulb?

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