Best Incubator Design Contest

  1. superchemicalgirl
    This is a contest held as part of Mahonri's Annual Easter Hatch.

    Kellyn's [​IMG] Best Incubator Design Contest WEEK TWO CONTEST
    The contest is for the best incubator or hatcher design/picture. It must be your own incubator or design and photo. Up to 3 entries per person; hatchers and non hatchers alike can participate. Post your design/picture on the Easter Hatch Thread and also PM it to Kellyn. Contest is open only during week two: 24 to 30 March.
    Prizes: All original drawings from Kellyn
    1st: the best drawing she has, or whatever the winner wants her to draw.
    2nd: drawing of an abstract flower
    3rd: a drawing of a bird, may or may not be abstract.


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  1. LaGeniaLoca
    Where do we find the entries??

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