Blue Laced Red (Bantam) Cochins - My Coopa Cabana Project
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Midas F1 BLR Chicks ChaCha
My very first F1 generation BLR chicks (Midas x ChaCha) hatched 5/26/10. And there are more in the incubator right now! I believe I have started with some of the best "typed" birds I could find. In fact, the breeder I got my Golden Laced from is currently earning Master Breeder points with her GL line. And the Splash are showing excellent type as well. Midas is displaying a very strong phenotype for the red Mahogany gene (Mh), and my hope is that the red will breed thru to future generations.
As you can see, the Blue from ChaCha is evident in the F1's. If any lacing or red leaks thru on the F1 generation . . . well, only time will tell, and I will certainly keep this page updated as the chicks feather and grow out. Only the best typed females will then be bred back to Midas for the F2 generation. Stay tuned!
8/1/10 Update: In total, between May 26th and June 27th, I hatched a total of 14 chicks from Midas x ChaCha. There are 8 females and 6 males. As they started to feather in, they appeared almost black. As they are growing, they are lightening up just a bit. What is very intriquing (to me!) is the color of the combs on the pullets. All started very dark, almost a mulberry/black, and are just now starting to change color. Here's pics I took today of the same 2 chicks pictured above, which are now just a bit over 2 months old.

Here's an update of Indigo, one of the pullets, taken 9/25/10, at 4 months. Her lacing is already visible; hopefully we'll start seeing some gold/red color filling in the lacing in the next generation when she is bred back to her sire, Midas: