Brooder From A Small Animal Cage

By tweetysvoice · Feb 12, 2012 · Updated Feb 19, 2012 · ·
  1. tweetysvoice
    Here is the new brooder that I have set up for the babies that are arriving soon!


    This was originally a rat cage. I removed the shelving and added cardboard around the sides to both keep the litter and heat inside.
    I have pine shavings under the paper towels and will remove the paper towels after a couple days.


    I have a small perch for them to play with and the feeder and waterer ready to go.
    (you can see the wire from my temperature gage in this photo. It will be removed, but I was using it to regulate the heat while adjusting the height of the heat lamp - see below)


    I am using a 150 watt red heat bulb originally intended for reptiles. I created a screen out of hardware cloth to both keep the chickies from accidently getting to close to the bulb and to "catch" the light if it decided to fall off the clip.


    I have it located in my downstairs sewing closet and added shower curtains to both sides of the room to keep dust under control.

    After a couple weeks, when the four chicks outgrow this set-up, we will be moving them into a large wire dog crate - kept in the same room. Hopefully that will be good until they can move into the outside coop. (Not yet under construction due to the weather).

    Edited to add a word of caution: After setting this up, I realized that the clamp light had a plastic socket and has the chance of melting with a 150 watt bulb. I have since replaced it with a ceramic socket clamp light.

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  1. slhopper
    Thanks for showing this. I am planning to do the same thing. I was going to leave one shelf in place to set the lamp on (it will also be secured to top of cage) Enjoy your chicks, mine are due April 1 :)

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