Here she is, the work is complete...well we do need to paint it, maybe. I really want to paint a silhouette of a chicken or rooster on the sides of the hen house!

0515080929.jpg I installed roosts yesterday and covered the floor with pine shavings to make them nice and comfy, and also dry out the poop (think kitty litter!).
Do you think my chickens feel watched?! Check out the next three pictures!!!!! We are chicken obsessed right now!
0515080929a.jpg 0515080930b.jpg
I would include one of me staring at them too...but I am the one taking the pictures, so that wouldn't work.

I am so happy to have this run and hen house complete, the thing as a whole is what can be referred to as a Chicken tractor, it is used to aid the soil, and the chickens do a great job keeping the weeds down (eaten) and fertilizing (yeah, you guessed it!).

My chickens are super sweet, I am actually scared of them though. I feel about them like some do about bats or spiders or such. I know I will need to get over the fear and just touch them...but for now they are just fun to watch. I think I will bond much tighter with the little chickies that I get to pick up tomorrow at Lazy 54 Farms!! I can't wait. I will show you when we do that.