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    Have you ever bought chickens and you say when will you grow up?[​IMG]
    To wast time you build a coop make it look nice or you already have it built and you watch them grow up for the longest time!!!!!!!! you just want to say grow UP!!!!!!!!!!![​IMG]
    Here are some of our pictures of our chickens 6 mo. ago
    That isn't all we had more but we got them like 2 weeks later and they are black sex links and one of our roosters died.

    because some thing was wrong with him and we had to go out and buy another rooster!!!!!![​IMG]
    and here our chickens 6 mo. today

    we have 5 reds 2 blacks 1 white rooster
    we got the 5 reds from tractor supplies the 2 blacks and the1 white rooster from Georgia Farm Center!!
    And they lay eggs sometimes in the goat pen yesterday flew up in the hay rack on the wall and we though she was going to lay an egg right there we were oh my gosh!!!!!
    BUT SHE DIDN'T YAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 reds came in their pen and both layed 1 egg that means we got 4 eggs yesterday!!!!!

    Plus yesterday they were in the woods and it was about to rain and i had to go back there and get them
    and it started geting windy and they were flying into there pen and i couldn't find 1 one the reds and i have been trying to call her for almost 2 hours and guess where she was ...... in the goat pen i was like she wasn't letting me know where she was i was like "girl get your little self over here" and i went to go grab her then they were flying into the horse pen i was like COME ON!!!!!![​IMG]
    then i finally got them in there pen THANK YOU GOD!!!!!!!!!! and they were taking there dirt bath and i went i there to play with them i took and rake handle and used it as a perch and i put them on it but they are scared of it i just don't know why i guess they are just crazy?[​IMG]
    i know it is hard to think of a crazy chicken !!!!!!

    But hey look at this c in crazy c in chicken and c in cool which is it cool or crazy???
    i guess no one will ever know!!!

    Please read hope you like it please post your thoughts

    hope you like it[​IMG]

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  1. LoveChickens123
  2. Back2MyRoots
    I find people's obsessions with chickens (including my own) cool and crazy actually!
  3. LoveChickens123

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