Cathy's Country Chicken Farm!

2008-04-20 My name is Cathy and I live in the lehigh Valley, PA. We are expecting 10 chicks May 16th. I am getting 3 EE'ers , 3 Barred Rocks, and 4 RIR pullets. I will be raising chickens for their egg laying and they all will have a forever home with us until they are taken by natural causes.
Me and my husband will be converting an old shed for the coop and making an outside run for them. Camera was not working when I made this so pictures will be up soon. So far DH has moved the shed to where it is going to be. Next we need to empty it, paint it, make the nest boxes, and the run. I will post progress as we continue on this new chicken adventure!
2008-04-21 Ok, I took a picture of the shed before we start repairing it for the chicks! The shed needs some work but it will be great when DH and I get finished with it!
As you can see it is a little rough! Not for long though