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Run Posts Go In

By CathyB, Jan 11, 2012 | |
  1. CathyB
    Run posts go in!!!!
    2008-04-27 Ok , so today me and DH, well mostly DH, put the run posts in. We were one post shy so DH has to get one more and bring that home tomorrow! Here are some pictures so you can see where the run will be!



    The fencing in the backgrouns will go around the run with chicken wire or hardware cloth on the bottom as well as enclosing the top! It was recycled from a post and rail we just took down! My sons tree house will be in prime chicken viewing location! That's some prime real estate there!!

    I figured the blossoming pear would be pretty and great shade for my soon to be babies!! I am getting really excited now that I see things happening! I will keep you all updated

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