Hot Wings Hotel
My name is Cathy, and my family and I live in a rural area of Pennsylvania. I had a chicken in college and loved the idea of chickens as pets. After reading about the battery hens, and their horrible conditions, I went to my husband and asked him if I could raise chickens for eggs and for pets. He said yes so an order was placed at my local feed store. After many months I am here to tell the story of Hot Wings Hotel!! It all started with a dream, 10 chickens, and this horrible shed...

My DH wanted a new shed anyway so it was not hard to convince him to buy a new one and keep the old one for the chickens! If you do not have an old shed that is not a problem! I have seen many sheds for free, or a very low cost, from many websites online. An example would be Craigslist or ebay! The poles for the outside run went in first. These were cross arms from the tops of telephone and electric poles. DH brought them home from work! I love to recycle anything that we can!


Next was the fencing. We put up old heavy duty stuff from our old post and rail. More recycling here! If you do not have spare materials check your newspaper. You will be suprised what I have found in there. Anything from free sheds, wood, and fencing material. The bottom was lined with hardwire cloth in the back and chicken wire in the front which was all burried at least 8 inches and filled with concrete!


Once all that was done the whole coop was given a beauty treatment. The shed was painted with Behr Barn & Fence paint. The paint was great, is livestock safe, and only $12.95! Chimes from a dollar store were added, as well as a chicken planter from a garage sale, and a flag and a bell from a local country store. Then , after finally naming the coop Hot Wings Hotel , I knew I needed a sign. With help from the wonderful people from BYC I found some great cartoons. I picked my familys favorite , hand drew the cute picture, and painted it onto my sign. And now, without further ado I give you the final pictures of Hot Wings Hotel!!







As far as what I would still like to do to my coop:

1) Add the nest boxes
2) Landscape more around the front and side of the coop
I hope you have enjoyed my page. To end I will put some small pictures of my wonderful chickens that get to live here. I own 4 RIR's, 3 BR's, and 3 EE'ers! Enjoy!! Cathy!


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