Overview of chicken compound before bantam coop was built.
View of coop and run from my backdoor.
Part of the standard chickens run. Door to the duck run and their little duck pond.

Another part of the standards run and view of duck house entrance (has been painted).
The Juvie pen. Might also be used for broody hens or sick/hurt chickens when needed.
Newly added Bantam coop and run. Painting has started.
Some pics of the inside of the main coop.
This is the inside of the juvie pen...far left. Perch and white door are part of the standards coop.
Door to the standards coop, right side addition and now there is a brooder beside where the hay is.
I made a big mistake in space judgement and ended up with wayyy too many chicks/juvies to raise over the Winter...so the carpetted area has since been covered with shavings and the door to the juvie coop left open to give them more space to stretch out. Next year I will not enter Winter with 50-60 chicks.
I will take more pics next Spring and Summer, as things get painted, touched up and organized better. This is our first attempt at raising chickens and we are very much learning as we go....so lots of changes have already been made and are still being made. I am very happy with my set up though :)
Thanks for taking a look.