Welcome to the page of a couple "Chicken Junkies" from the eastern panhandle of beautiful West Virginia. We started out with four tiny Old English bantams to help rid our 22 acres of ticks and other bugs. Our sweet little deaf Jack Russell Terrier had Lyme disease from the ticks.

Several years later, we are the proud owners of several breeds from some good lines. We have ...

Wheaten/Blue Wheaten Ameraucana
BLRW from Foley Farms line
BO from Clevenger/Coulter line
Heritage RIR
Quail Belgian d'Anvers
NN/Turken in Bantam and Frizzle
Olive Eggers and Easter Eggers
Bantam Russian Orloff
Wheaten Marans from Bev Davis
Silkies in BBS and Paint from Bad Azz Silkie & Brody's Broodello, and Partridge from Hannah Misner lines
Serama in Smooth, Frizzled and Silkied from Pixie Chicks, Castle Delight, Philidelphia Phlocks, Grady Taylor, Sunshine Seramas, etc.
White Crested Polish in Black, Chocolate, Chocolate Cuckoo, Blue, Splash and Frizzled - Bantam and LF.
Gold Laced Polish and a beautiful Tolbunt roo from Bare Necessities
Bantam Cochins in several colors and Frizzles too. MF are my favorites. Blue & Black Mottled pens too.
Bantam Barred Rock from Dick Horstman line
11 Colors of Guinea Fowl
India Blue Pea Fowl
Chocolate and Blue Muscovy Ducks
Coturnix Quail in several colors
White Sebastopol Geese

Should we be worried? Time for intervention yet? Our 3 stall horse barn and a garage have become home to these personality plus little guys. They love to roam about on our acreage and look for goodies. Our dogs... Jazzy, the deaf JRT, Bert, a Pembroke Corgi and Maisy, the alpha female Shi Poo love the poultry. Maisy likes to chase a bit, but so far, so good. Wish us luck.

Oh, did I mention we have 5 incubators running most of the time? SIGH...

Below are a few photos of our flock. You're welcome to check out our blog at ChickenJunkie.com

OEGB - Zeke - RIP Zeke, you were our first and a great little guy.

Buddy and Bitsy, a favorite Serama pair.

Blue Wheaten Ameraucana Roo

Mia, our sweet little Bantam Russian Orloff hen.

Tolbunt Roo from Gretchen at Bare Necessities.

Buff Orphington Rooster

Buff Orphington Hen

BLRW from Foley Farms

Splash Silkie Pullet from Bad Azz Silkies.

Royal Palm Turkey Tom

Naked Neck or Turken Roo

Bantam White Crested Chocolate Cuckoo Polish from Bad Azz Silkies

Louie... our India Blue Peacock

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Some of our Serama.

Some of our Silkies.

Looking for... side swaps welcome! Love hatching eggs!

Swedish Flower Hens
Bantam Dark Cornish
Peacocks (all colors)
Silver Laced Wyandottes
Cream Legbar
Tolbunt Polish
Ayam Cemani
Silver & Gold Laced Bantam Polish
Silver Laced Barnevelders
+ lots of others... tell me what ya got!

PP/Hatching Egg/Chicks Swaps

crazypetlady - 6 + Serama 12-23-12 (Sent 9)
chick-among-us - 6 + Silkie eggs 12-26-12 (Sent)
elieugene6 - 4 + Royal Palm turkey eggs 1-30-13 (Sent 7) #2713
plumcreek - 4 + Royal Palm turkey eggs 3-8-13 (Sent 5) #6325
wife2abirdman - 6 + MF Bantam Cochins 3-16-13 #6955 (Sent 12 eggs 3-18-13)

sonew123 - 6 + BBS Marans + Tolbunt eggs 12-23-12 (Received + hatched)
sonew123 - 6 + BBS Marans + Tolbunt eggs 12-26-12 (Received + hatched)
sonew123 - 6 + BBS Marans + Tolbunt eggs. 1-30-13 #2709 (Received)
crazypetlady - whatever she sends 3-8-13 #6325 (Received 11 GFF eggs 3-12-13)
TNBEARCHICK - 6-ORPS CHOICE 3-16-13 #6955 (Received 6 eggs 6-6-13)


WVchick71 - 6 + BLRW #7405 2-24-13 (Sent 7 eggs. 2-24-13)

Hot2Pot - 6 + Assorted Polish #7402 2-24-13 (Received 8 eggs 3-2-13)

Side Swaps

chicken fever - 12 Silkie + 3-4-13 (Sent)
chick-among-us - 12 + Silkie & 12 + Cochin 3-7-13 (Sent)
rbaker0345 - 12 BCM 4-6-13 - 9405 5036 9930 0382 9896 88 (Sent 12 eggs.)
sonew123 - 12+ W/BW Ameraucana 4-16-13 - 9405 5036 9930 0394 2637 52 (Sent 21 eggs)

chicken fever - 12 + Mottled LF Cochin 6-13 (never got any eggs)
chick-among-us - 24 + BCM & OE 3-8-13 (Received 39 eggs)
rbaker0345 - 6 Bantam Buff Brahma 4-6-13 (Received 6 eggs 4-15-13 & all were clear.)
sonew123 - 12+ Tolbunt 4-15-13 (Received)