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By ChickenPeep · Mar 4, 2013 · Updated Mar 9, 2013 · ·
  1. ChickenPeep
    The Flock
    My flock is a bit abstract. To sum it up... we got a bucket of random eggs and hatched them.
    We ended up with a buff-blue silkie hen, a blue silkie hen, a black silkie-cochin cross hen, a
    crele OEGB rooster, and a barred OEGB rooster. We live in a suburb, and it's not too easy
    to own chickens here. Our chickens are part-time house chickens, and part-time outdoor
    chickens. They go out whenever the weather is good enough, sleep inside at night, and the
    boys come in if they crow. We absolutely love our chickens! I hate to pick favorites but I must
    say that our silkie-cochin cross, Ebony, is my favorite. She's such a dork! She loves being
    snuggled, loves food, is super fluffy, and is.. well.. insane. Watch this video I made and you'll see!

    Ebony is pretty much the equivalent to the family dog. I love that insane loaf of fluff! [​IMG]

    Here is all of the flock.
    Blaze- Crele OEGB rooster

    Ebony- Silkie-cochin cross

    Winter- blue silkie

    Pumpkin- buff-blue silkie

    Checkers- barred OEGB

    My Videos
    I love making videos about my chickens. Here are the ones that I have made so far.
    They're not just videos of my chickens' daily lives or anything, they're actually put-together,
    funny videos! Please check them out, I worked really hard on them. Thanks! [​IMG]

    Chickens In Action (revise)

    Chicken Harlem Shake

    Chickens In Action

    My Crazy Chicken, Ebony

    Scratchin' And Shufflin' Chickens

    Please let me know what you think of my page and/or videos! [​IMG]

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  1. Chickenfan4life
    I was ROFL when I watched My Crazy Chicken Ebony.
    I like the revised version of Chickens in Action, too. I just now recognized the theme song as the one from James Bond... LOL!
  2. Fluffers
    how do you post a video
  3. Fluffers
    LOL Ebony is sooo funny
  4. Fluffers
    okay thanks ChickenPeep :)
  5. Nike
    Love the pics!!! It's so cute how the sun is shining behind them <3
  6. ChickenPeep
    Thanks! Hmm... I'm not too sure how I would do that but that's a great idea. :)
  7. Fluffers
    WSOME videos how about doing a ninja chicken one that would be cool.
  8. ChickenPeep
    Thank you! I would be delighted if you subscribed to my YouTube channel. :)
  9. roostersandhens
    Love the videos!

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