Peep, is the reason i love chickens.
Peep is a Beautiful Rhode Island Red Rooster. 2 years ago, we decided just for fun to hatch a chicken! On may 12, 12:30 AM, 2010, Peep was the only one out of 9 to hatch. Because he was the only one, he loved us! He would like to snuggle, be preened by us, take naps on us, and do a cute little sideways dance for us. The dance is one of my favorite things! he would do it whenever he saw us and we loved it! Sadly though, last year,(2010) peep was killed by a hawk. But dont be sad! He had a wonderful life, and is having an even better one now in heaven!

Because of peep, this year we got 5 chicks! Sadly though, we had to rehome our roosters.

We hatched some chicks a little while ago, and now have 11 little chicks!

Here is y favorite chick. She is 7 weeks old. Her nae is Ebony, and I think the is a silkie/cochin cross. I just love her to death!


Here is Fluffer-Nugget. She is so sweet! She is the smallest of our four hens. She is a Red Star Sex-link.



This is Pebbles, my Red Sex-link. She used to be the smallest, skinniest, and lowest on the pecking order. But, just a few weeks ago, she bloomed! Now she is the same size as all the others, and has the biggest comb! She is so snuggly!!



This is Star, my Black Sex-link. She is the curious one! Her favorite thing is food! No matter what kind of food im eating, she is determined to get it! She will do whatever it takes to get the food!! :D



And last but definitely not least, is my Peach. She is my baby! I love her so much! She has been my chicken from the start. She has a great personality and likes to screech a lot! We call her Screechy Peach! She is so fluffy and big! She is the biggest of the hens. She is a Red Sex-link. <3




Merry Chirstmas and Happy holidays!

Cluck on everyone!!!!