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  1. ChickenPeep
    [​IMG]Hello, and welcome to my video page!![​IMG]

    This page is all about the videos that I have made about my chickens. Most of these videos have been created using my camera and YouTube editor, but some have also been put together with Adobe Movie Maker. I never make my chickens do anything harmful or against their will in order to create them. I love my chickens! Here they are;


    Hens Roosters
    Ebony- Silkie-cochin cross Checkers- Barred OEGB
    Pumpkin- Buff Silkie Comet- Silkie- OEGB cross
    Winter- Blue silkie Blaze- Crele OEGB [Blaze has recently been re-homed to a great family.]
    Speckles- Silkie- Barred Rock cross

    My videos are supposed to be funny and lighthearted. I never make boring videos of chickens just going about their daily lives. No! My videos are thought-out and specially put together for maximum enjoyment. [​IMG] I work really hard on my videos and spend a lot of time on them. If you have any recommendations on videos that I could make, please let me know! You can post it here or PM me. Feel free to comment whether you have a recommendation or not! I love getting feedback on my videos.
    Now, enjoy!!

    Jack -O'- Chickens! Happy Halloween!

    Chickens In Action (revised)

    Chickens In Action (original)

    Chicken Harlem Shake

    My Crazy Chicken, Ebony!

    Scratchin' and Shufflin' Chickens

    Thanks for watching! II hope you enjoyed my videos! Please feel free to leave a comment or request below. [​IMG]
    Have a great day!

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  1. luvmigrls
    Bond James Bond-HA!
  2. Kimberlydm
    Loved them all, thanks for sharing!
  3. Noobiechickluv
    LOL Harlem Shake!
  4. scratch'n'peck
    "Chickens in action" is so funny. Also fun to see Ebony staring in her own video.
  5. Peplers chicks
    Awesome, awesome, beautiful
  6. Whittni
    Cute, thanks for sharing.

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