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By ChicknsRock · Aug 17, 2014 · Updated Sep 2, 2014 ·
  1. ChicknsRock
    (This article is still under construction, but feel free to leave a comment!)

    Welcome to Chickerton! Chickerton is what we call my little farm, since there's so many chickens and other poultry. It's even divided up into three sections, Poultryland, where chickens, geese, guineas and wild birds all dwell together, Chickenville, where most of my chickens live, and Bitty City, where all of my little chicks grow up. Enough talk, let's meet some of them!

    The geese;
    [​IMG]<<<Snow geese!
    [​IMG]<<<The geese at their water buckets.

    [​IMG]<<< Tom, a goose I had who passed on a few years ago.

    The guineas;
    [​IMG]<<<Most of our keets ended up being orphans some how, so our sweet cochin hens raised them in place of their mother. <3
    [​IMG]<<<The guinea flock taking a stroll along the driveway.
    [​IMG]<<<A 2009 or 2010 picture of the guineas and chickens resting in the snow on the goat pen.

    The chickens;
    [​IMG]<<<Old pic of two chickens I use to have.
    [​IMG]<<<Somewhat recent pic of Licorice, a very sweet cockerel who now lives in Chickenville but visits his hometown sometimes.

    [​IMG]<<<A purple finch and some goldfinches eating from a niger feeder in Poultryland.


    [​IMG]<<<We all know who this handsome is: Sylvester Doomenheimer the First.
    [​IMG]<<<Look at that muff!

    Oldies but goodies coming up here.
    [​IMG]<<<Velvet, a game hen.
    [​IMG]<<<Banjo (R.I.P :( ) and Mesha, two bantam hens sitting on their perch.
    [​IMG]<<<Abednego, Mesha's brother.

    [​IMG]<<<Rio, Banjo's bro.
    [​IMG]<<<Rio and Banjo sitting together.
    [​IMG]<<<Cupcake, a mother hen who hatched out two broods and 13 chickens. She also desceased.
    [​IMG]<<<Chickadee, who recently hatched her very first brood!
    [​IMG]<<<Ameracauna. Don't ask.
    [​IMG]<<<Hoss standing on his roof.
    [​IMG]<<<Penguin, aka Cactus Head and Captain Crunch.
    [​IMG]<<<Grapeface, the mother of Mesha and Abednego.
    [​IMG]<<<Bumblebee, Chickadee and CinnaMan dusting together.
    [​IMG]<<<Banjo as a pullet in a pear tree.

    Bitty City

    [​IMG]<<<Pancake with her four pullets: Golden Owl,
    Phantom, Raven, and Mustard.

    [​IMG]<<<Warby (Warbler) a little bitty I'm raising laying next to Kiki on the couch.
    [​IMG]<<<Golden Owl.
    [​IMG]<<<One of my black pullets from Livonda's brood.
    My Current Broods:

    Pancake's Brood- Pancake (Cupcake's sis) hatched her 12 peeps out underneath the porch. Somehow her chicks disappeared one by one, and now she only has four pullets. Phantom, a black chick with white face; Golden Owl, an Easter Egger pullet; Mustard, an EE pullet; and Raven, another black one. They have two fathers, one is Sylvester and the other is unidentified.
    Chickadee's Brood- Chickadee (Cupcake's daughter) hatched about 6 to 7 peeps out. Fire ants attacked her brood when she first came off her nest with her chicks. They bit all of her chicks so bad that it was only a few days later when the alcholoid venim destroyed them, leaving only one chick left who hadn't hatched yet when the incident occured. :( I named him Warby too because he looks just like him.
    Lucretia's Brood- Lulu hatched out 8 peeps in the pampus grass, I think. She started to roost on the porch at night and one night she decided to get up in the tree. Her chicks didn't know how to get up into the tree so they came up on the porch. Unfortunately a snake caught some of the chicks and left her with six. Five chicks (all barred rocks, which I haven't named yet) know how to roost in the tree now, But a small black chick named Warby kept coming into the house to sleep at night. A few nights ago Warby finally made it into the tree.
    Livonda's Brood-Livonda (Lulu's sister) hatched two chicks out underneath a lawnmower. Every night they would go into the haybarn and I would bring them into the house, where they roosted for a month. After a close escape from a snake, though, they have started roosting in the tree.

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  1. cluckcluckgirl
    Wonderful flock!
  2. ChicknsRock
    Thank you everyone! About the name Ameracauna..... XD IDEK. @RezChamp , I'll try to draw a bird's eye view of Chickerton for you. If I can I'll pm you. ;)
  3. MarcoPollo
    Wow, so many great pictures. Love the names too!
  4. Shabana
    Congrats !!
    Seriously adorable birds :)
    So am gonna ask about the Ameraucana ? :p
  5. farm316
    So adorable!!!!
  6. RezChamp
    Reminds of the mixed flock I had in 94-97.( stupid move, back to city life for a cpl years).
    I have a nice flock again.

    Very nice thread?column?post? Good photography too. Colorful, good focus, panoramics, close-ups.
    I really like the one with the birds on the fence in winter. I enjoyed the pix and the commentary.
    Don't ya just love the way Chinese and African geese carry themselves? My gander, OleMan, is to my guess, nothing less than 32 years old. He's getting kinda cripple now but he can still fly real good.

    I like your setup. I see you have many diiferent kinds of fencing. I'd sure love to know why. I'm always open to improvements on flock management.
    I'd appreciatte a birds eye view of the spread, even a hand drawn 1. You may post it to me directly(privately) if you know how.If not, no biggy.
    I really am grateful for the pics. Thank you. Made my day.[​IMG]
    I am still dabbling at this computer/telecommunications technology. [​IMG]I hope to get pix up by the fall.
    HAGD all.
  7. birdman55
    wow beautiful birds....quite the farm you got going
  8. ChicknsRock
  9. Free as a Bird
    I love bumblebee's name and coloring! So cute!
  10. ChicknsRock
    @OakHillFarm , we have chicken wire netting around our chickens. Foxes were a problem, but now they're kept away by two australian shepherds I have. A lot of my roosters came from neighbors' yards. They just wandered over here and the neighbors never asked for them back, so we kept them. Most of them are pretty friendly to each other though but occasionally two of them'll beat each other up in a fight. XD

  11. Frindizzle
  12. roostersandhens
  13. MyPetNugget
    Nice post!!! I love all the names and great pictures! Cute roosters as well. :D
  14. OakHillFarm
    Oh and how does your flock have so many roosters,do they fight?
  15. OakHillFarm
    what kind of fences do you have? and if you do how do you keep the foxes out?
  16. ChicknsRock
    Thank you! I do! :D
  17. CrazyChookLady5
    WOW! I love your set up :D sounds like you have a lot of different breeds of all sorts of birds! so jealous! :p
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