Easter Egger, Ameraucana and Araucana: What's The Difference? ChicknsRock's Guide To Telling Them Ap

By ChicknsRock · Mar 7, 2014 · Updated Mar 10, 2014 · ·
  1. ChicknsRock
    Many times people confuse Easter Eggers with Ameraucanas and Ameraucanas with Aracaunas. It's not hard to confuse these three similar breeds with each other.

    Easter Eggers
    Easter Eggers usually have ear tufts and muffs. (The muffs are usually very full and fluffy, but an EE can alos have a clean face like this cockerel: [​IMG].) Easter Eggers lay green, blue, olive and white eggs in the winter and in the summer.
    the egg:[​IMG]
    the rooster:[​IMG]
    the hen:[​IMG]
    the chick:[​IMG]
    This breed has ear tufts and muffs that seem to connect and make a huge scarf around the chin. Their feather plumage is very bright. Ameraucanas lay blue eggs and green eggs.

    the egg:[​IMG]
    the rooster: [​IMG]
    the hen:[​IMG]
    the chick:[​IMG][​IMG]
    Aracaunas, unlike EEs and Ameraucanas, usually have no tail; therefore, it is easy to tell this breed apart. They lay blue and green eggs.
    the egg: [​IMG]
    the rooster:[​IMG]
    the hen:[​IMG]
    the chick:[​IMG]
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    If you have some more information, fell free to pm me! I would be happy to add it to my article. I hope this helps!

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  1. ChicknsRock
    Thanks! I'm glad it's somewhat better than what I posted first!
  2. pipdzipdnreadytogo
    Don't be discouraged! There's a lot of misinformation out there on this topic! Now that you've updated it, it looks like you have a nice, simple overview about the differences between these guys. Great job!
  3. ChicknsRock
    Thank you for the information, I didn't realize I made so many mistakes.
  4. pipdzipdnreadytogo
    You have a pretty nice start for an article here, but there are a few corrections that should be made. There's a lot of confusion about these breeds, like you say, and so furthering that confusion is not going to help with the problem.

    First, Easter-eggers don't necessarily have to have a beard or muffs, and many are clean-faced. Because they are essentially mixes, they can have any feather color and lay any kind of egg, not just green, blue, and white. Many Easter-eggers lay brown eggs, as a matter of fact.

    Next, under Ameraucanas, you have listed that they can sometimes lay brown or olive eggs. This is absolutely not correct. Ameraucanas should only lay blue eggs. Also, the picture you have up as an Ameraucana hen is actually an Easter-egger hen. She has green legs, a big no-no for Ameraucanas, and she is not a standardized color. The chicks are also Easter-egger chicks. The only Ameraucana picture on this article is the one of the rooster.

    Lastly, Araucanas do not have muffs. They should only have the tufts on the sides of their heads, or be clean faced. They will never have a beard like the Ameraucana. Because the chick in the picture under Araucanas has a beard and doesn't appear to be a specific color, it looks like it, too, is an Easter-egger chick.

    Both the Araucana Club of America and the Ameraucana Breeders Club have pictures of the standardized colorations of these birds if you want to take a look at them and confirm. Araucanas are here: http://www.araucana.net/Varieties/Araucana_Varieties.htm Ameraucanas are here: http://ameraucana.org/scrapbook.html
  5. chickenneighbor
    Nice article with beautiful pictures.

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