The City Biddy Hen House Plans
It all started because my son had a pet hen that lived under our porch in
a dog house. When I was a child I had bantams, so when my son wanted to
keep a chicken for a pet I thought it was a fun idea. Soon the little
neighbor girl met "Missy the Hen" when she came over to play, and fell in
love with her Ameraucana charms. She began hounding her father for
chickens of her own. He thought he had won the battle... then years
later he came to my door for some ideas on finishing a chicken house for
his daughter (now grown and in her own house). He had designed a
wonderful basic plan and after I added several ideas gleaned from my years
of experience with raising and showing chickens... the design was
awesome! It made me have to have one of my own! So, I bought additional
materials and he helped me build one for my house!


This design is GREAT!
* It will house 3 standard or 4 bantam size chickens. This makes it
wonderful choice for the backyarder, the homesteader, or even a real
fancier that needs housing for show birds or a breeding trio. Used with a
pen of your choice attached, it will provide security, shelter, plenty of
fresh air, sunshine, and exercise for your birds.
* The City Biddy Hen House can be built on wheels to make it mobile. It
is easily moved from place to place by one person. With the right kind of
pen attached, it can be used like a chicken tractor.
* It is adorable. The flexible design allows the builder to customize it
to suit their own tastes and fancies. This makes it a backyard success!
Who wouldn't like this little doll house in their neighbors yard? By
housing hens only, chickens are quiet and very easy to fit in a
neighborhood setting.
* This little house is very secure. With the proper pen attached chickens
can be safely housed without fear that a neighbor's dogs or predators will
harm your chickens.


* The health and happiness of your hens was considered as well. Good
ventilation, adequate roosting space, cozy nest boxes, and rodent
resistance all make this design a winner. The size and design makes the
hen house comfortable in all weather. My hens have thrived here in
Missouri and we can have days over 100 degrees in the summer as well as
below zero in the winter. An adjustable window shutter allows you to
control temperatures in the house easily, without compromising
* Best of all is the convenience! The City Biddy Hen House design allows
you to do all of your chores without ever entering the chicken's pen.
Exterior nesting boxes make egg gathering easy and while gathering your
eggs the feeder is easy to view to check feed levels. If you need to fill
the feeders a large side door makes access to the inside of the coop easy.
You simply reach inside and swing the hanging feeder out to fill. A
waterer can be mounted near the door inside and a larger water fount can
be kept in the pen outside. By keeping the pen short and providing a top
panel that opens you can fill the water fount by simply opening the top
and reaching in. Clean up is a snap. Since the footprint is small, 3
foot by 3 foot, you can simply reach in with a broom and dustpan ...from
outside the house ...and sweep it out. Since cleaning is so easy, you do
it more often, which eliminates fly problems and pleases the neighbors.


* Building this design is easy! Since it is small it takes very few
materials to build and this means less money. The plans are drawn up so
many of the major cuts on the large 4 x 8 sheets of siding and plywood,
which are used, can be made at the lumberyard or home center. Most of
these places will make a few cuts for free or at a low cost. By doing
this you not only get to take advantage of the home centers panel cutter,
which makes building the project safer, you also have smaller pieces to
transport home. The original City Biddy Hen House was actually built in
sections, then transported over 100 miles in a car to where it was finally
set up. Using reclaimed wood can make the hen house even less expensive
to build. If you look carefully at the pictures, you can see some of the
boards that I used were scrounged.


As you can tell I LOVE this little hen house design and am going to share
it with the WORLD! I now have a plan book for sale. This book is 35
pages of professionally drawn detailed plans, color photos and even
chicken tips. If you are interested contact me at

[email protected]. I am in the process of setting up a website as
well at Stop by and check it out. I will be happy to
answer any questions and will be providing support to anyone interested in
building a City Biddy Hen House of their very own.

Thanks for Checking Us Out!
Sheryl and the City Biddy Hens