Hello and Welcome!

Were working on getting our small farm in Middle Tennessee, Crossville up and running as permaliciously as possible. Our chicky list includes RIRs, Pearl White Leghorns, Golden Sebrights and one lonely Bantam Partridge Rock roo! Its been a few years since I've kept chickens so the clucky excitment is building at our place!

All of our chickens free-range over six acres during the day. At night they are locked up tight. We have lost one rooster to a dog (roo's fault), two hens to a stray cat and one to ant stings!

My camera is a Kodak z710. It costs a bit over $100.00 new, I think.

Our Family

My Son.


My Son and Husband

Our Flowers


Pearl-white Leghorns

MosesJune2011.jpg Pearwhiteleghorn2011-30.jpg TheBestLeghornRooster.jpg
LeghornRIRr3-30-2011.jpg Pearwhiteleghorn.jpg Pearwhiteleghorn1.jpg
LeghornRoo6-14-20111.jpg Leghornhen6-14-2011.jpg LeghornRoo6-14-2011.jpg LeghornRoo6-14-201111.jpg

Rhode Island Reds

RhodeIslandRed.jpg RIR-6-14-2011.jpg
RIRChick1.jpg LeghornRIR3-30-2011.jpg

Golden Sebrights

sebright1-5-23-2011.jpg Sebright6-8-2011.jpg sebright5-23-2011.jpg sebrightroo16-14-201111.jpg
Sebright2011-30-1.jpg Sebright2011-1.jpg Sebright2011.jpg sebright16-14-2011.jpg SebrightRoo6-14-2011.jpg sebrightroo6-14-201111.jpg sebrightroo16-14-20111.jpg

Here's to sustainable living and may God bless you and your families!