The Completed "Bator"

My really awesome Walmart cooler! Arg! It works though...
From this angle you can see the handle of the turner, which I labeled left and right so we can record how many times we turn each day. Underneath it is the tube for filling the water tray, and some small vent holes. I removed the glass from the frame, cut a hole about 1" smaller than it and glued it down to the top.

I made a wire platform and light bulb enclosure, then put aluminum foil behind and in front of the bulb to keep anything from getting too hot. My Hubby wired the bulb to the thermostat and then back out the bottom of the fixture. He then attached the 12V adapter to the fan. I mounted it with long screws about 1" from the wall at the top of the box. I also attached the thermostat towards the top so the eggs wouldn't get any hotter than the set temp.

I used the top and bottom egg cup portion of the carton, cut it down the middle and then overlapped it to create a 4x4 carton. In order to allow the bottoms of the eggs to breath I drilled a hole in each egg cup. The square pvc frame was glued together, but the handles are only held in by a nail so the whole turner can be removed. I used the rubber-bands to attach the carton to the frame so it can be turned back and forth.

I am collecting Call duck eggs to fill it and give it a try! Wish me luck!

There are a few changes that I made to improve function on my 1st Incubation page...