Gotta love composting. It gives me another excuse to have chickens, besides the fresh eggs. We started composting when our bunny population grew from 3 to 10 over the course of a year (only two bunnies came the natural way, the rest castoffs from friends who had to move). We built two compost bins in the back corner out of plywood, side by side (I had read this was great for turning and resting). We added bunny poop and bedding, grass cuttings, tree leaves, kitchen scraps, occasionally sprinkled (quite often in summer-no rain and temps of 100s), and turned. Once we got chickens, chicken poop went in too all summer. Then we let it rest until Jan. 1. Meanwhile used deep litter method for chickens for winter, will be adding it straight to beds in March, then starting over for them. Meanwhile, after emptying out yummy compost, moved not yet ready compost to first bin, where its cooking nicely. Starting second bin, about a fourth way up already. Might have to built third bin this year. We'll see. Already roses and other plants are grinning from ear to ear. Me, too.