Coop and removable tractor/run

  1. chefintc
    We purchased the chicken tractor, and soon found it a bit too chilly for northern Michigan. I added the coop the next summer. Now, the tractor serves as a run that attaches to the coop for times when we need to be away for a few days at a time.
    There is in-floor heat to aid in coop temperature when it drops below zero during the winter. I added a heated water source later, as the floor cannot do the job by itself.

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  1. CutlassL29
    Love the coop! Do you move the tractor around the yard once the chickens are all in? Looking to build something like that.
  2. chefintc
    I used an "in-floor" heat mat. Thermosoft is the brand name I used. I purchased a mat to fit the floor space, a thermostat, and two sensors. It went in without much fuss, and has worked through two winters so far.
  3. Brookliner
    Can you explain how you heated the floor of your coop?

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