Coop de Crib...makeshift and perfectly functional =)
Construction is from baby crib $0, scrap pieces of OSB & plywood from past jobs, scrap pieces of dimensional lumber from past jobs (DH's job comes in super handy for my projects) :D Chicken Wire $3 worth & awning fabric $0 (from my broken RV awning). Total cost ~ $3.

This is the Coop de Crib. I don't know how well you can see but the back half of the crib was turned into the "house". The underneath is where the waterer & feeder is.

Maybe you can see it better this way...? That is the ramp covering most of the "door".

With the ramp down. Since this is for Seramas & they are pretty little...Hubby scored grooves (width of skilsaw blade) into the ramp, instead of attaching pieces of wood for leverage.
I had my doubts about this part, but it works like a charm.

This is looking through the "house" from the other end. On the right is the nesting box...of course they lay the eggs right in front of it. HA! ;)
Since this was built at the shop, we covered it with chickenwire & hardware cloth when we got it home. For the arched ceiling, we covered it in a heavy piece of outdoor awning fabric.
I can add pictures of the completed coop later on...this is all I have for now.