I got all thse parts from my local Habitat for Humanity Restore...for less than $6 TOTAL. Mini-frig that I already have - $0. Have, but not pictured: 1/2" hardware cloth, tray for water/sponge. Still need: plexiglass & frame. What else do I need???

Transformer thing? That will...hopefully work...? Thermostat thing...that will also, hopefully, work.

Pretty basic light base... Extension cord...I know this works...but will it work for this job?

Tray for the eggs to sit on...needs modified for Serama/Bantam eggs. The holes are just the perfect size for regular eggs...it's an egg box cover
from my Gramma's old fridge.

This is NOT my frig-bator...I borrowed the picture for reference purposes ONLY!!! My mini-fridge is very similar to this one...in size/style/etc.
Now...will someone PLEASE tell me how to put this thing together???