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By FarmduBurge · May 27, 2018 · ·
  1. FarmduBurge
    My wife finally convinced me to get chickens and they are awesome! Only problem is we got the chics before the coop. Below is the last 4 weeks of my life (at least nights and weekends when I’m not working/traveling). Would welcome any feedback/suggestions/tips/etc. Hoping to finish interior today so we can move them in, then put the finishing touches on afterwards. F84941FF-DC1E-41F0-AEBA-33DC9323DCDC.jpeg 08731E87-1F4A-405F-9B43-D5286DAD1639.jpeg 256215E8-0A85-4000-85A7-D4E64C11CDB8.jpeg E24D5276-58DE-40B5-AB0A-14E618EB35AB.jpeg EA95D2B0-303F-471C-B9E5-3C5F28C5833C.jpeg A6739263-3AD0-4800-B5BF-EF64F9425212.jpeg F4374E91-1F02-455A-8065-8667410A6AE9.jpeg EA96BC55-8F2F-4B6F-8468-40330C5F0F30.jpeg 8009BB47-26CE-4C8C-B308-C13B9A4F4D0F.jpeg 4F24ABD3-058A-45AC-B202-1EDD7AD497FC.jpeg F5B07CB2-F841-4348-8704-96A2E72F6A23.jpeg 28AB541A-FD51-46DE-8721-A21F9E799B4E.jpeg 1CCD6722-7657-4E2A-89D2-1A5A8AA763F8.jpeg 16F797AF-AF99-458F-A742-308934DAFB5D.jpeg 3946E330-552A-421C-BA55-05C9AD1197F1.jpeg FFB92FB8-A0B6-4A5F-BFAA-99EB09369201.jpeg E4DA1328-9A56-406F-B1A3-C90492B7C698.jpeg AB466E94-CBF4-45A6-AC6F-9996B51AF68B.jpeg C5519C94-94A7-4B94-AF07-85835EDFBF8C.jpeg 382CFEA1-A5D8-4E85-BC58-3EC6EFA75C57.jpeg 1CE5411A-2C2E-4186-AEEE-EDA701260733.jpeg 7C04B8C5-4091-4F20-93FE-B32D34006914.jpeg 349E7C3C-5A5A-41C2-93AF-14B82FB9B9D0.jpeg 620BE509-E616-4D0D-856E-66338786457B.jpeg 24BBF4E9-9EDE-4098-A640-C7406D482EBE.jpeg 5641DA10-8289-473C-8B7E-63C03D1A987C.jpeg D7A6AFA3-FD1F-4E8A-BDFE-405E00ECFA30.jpeg 7CF48D6C-C835-4654-A2B2-5722ED1AC4F1.jpeg 6B7304F2-CBFC-4466-8C73-7CBAB91C9091.jpeg AC46143C-513F-49D2-A3A9-229F517BEDC2.jpeg ADC7FAA7-8CEF-4A94-B548-8A657DC62761.jpeg B75FF1D8-AB87-4C32-9885-070A06D8622B.jpeg C617DD59-96C8-40A4-84A1-FA0220D7A94B.jpeg 0633372C-5606-46A0-9358-A9B5FE6A7E74.jpeg

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Recent User Reviews

  1. Nardo
    "Great pictorial"
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Jul 9, 2018
    Nice coop. Really well built. Do you plan on having a run?
  2. Texas Kiki
    "Great bones!"
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Jun 28, 2018
    Did you leave the floor bare wood or cover it with something?


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  1. Shezadandy
    Strongly recommend putting a rubber mat on that floor and in those nest boxes. Will make cleaning SOOOOO much easier. Farm stores sell the 1/4" stuff that's usually 30" wide for $4 a foot- or depending on your total dimensions, it might be more cost effective to install a horse stall mat- those come in 4x6 and4x8 sizes. Harder to cut at 3/4" thick though. If you leave it plain plywood, they will start picking at the loose particles - they will scratch their feet and do all sorts of other things. Eventually you will have a shell-less egg or a broken egg- and even with straw and the like - the goo will seep into the plywood/OSB.
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  2. RamonaRay
    Love the pictorial! Great documentation and it looks nice and solid.
      MROO and Feather Hearts like this.
  3. MotherOfChickens
    Dang! Will you come build me one? Lol Looks very nice! :thumbsup
      MommaCluckers likes this.
  4. Dawnclucks22
    Beautiful! I will warn you though, if you free-range you may have to say goodbye to that grass!
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  5. N F C
    Looks to me like you're off to a good start!
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  6. Hopperkiller
    Looking at that nice green grass below where you marked run gave me a chuckle. But they will be worth it.
  7. MROO
    LOVE the door treatment on the "Front" - the way you set them into a bigger opening for access. Nice touch!
      FarmduBurge likes this.

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