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  1. earlybird10842
    Coopschools (choose one, or make up your own)
    Streamflow--all grades
    River Run--All grades
    Pine Cone--All grades

    Earlybird 10842--Marianne_henley, elanor_Henley, Sophia_henley, Willow_henley Selena_henley
    Rena_polloa, Amy_polloa
    Ederob's chickens Beth_Jackson LittleLady_Jackson Elizabeth_Jackson Fergy_Jackson Snowman_Jackson Fluffy_Jackson Cordelia_Jackson
    Teachers: Mrs. Reds, Mrs. Linee, Mr. Poltry
    River run
    Chicken: Henny
    co-op: River Run Cooperative Coop Schooling
    Username: henrietta_p_cluckington

    Chicken: Penny
    co-op: River Run
    User: penelope_h_cluckington

    Chicken: Midge
    co-op: River Run
    User: midge_m_cluckington

    Chicken: Louise
    co-op: River Run
    User: bella_l_cluckington

    Chicken: Audrey
    co-op: River Run
    User: audrey_e_cluckington

    Chicken: Akira
    co-op: River Run
    User: akira_s_cluckington

    Chicken: Gwynn
    co-op: River Run
    User: gwynnevere_g_cluckington

    Chicken: Basil
    co-op: River Run
    User: basil_r_cluckington

    Made up chickens:

    Chicken: Lucy Spurs (Campine)
    co-op: River Run
    user: lucy_g_spurs

    Chicken: Margot Quillien
    co-op: River Run
    user: margaret_a_quillien

    Chicken: Emma Shankfeather
    co-op: River Run
    user: emma_v_shankfeather

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  1. ederob
    Could I join "Streamflow"?

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