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By earlybird10842 · Dec 9, 2012 · Updated Dec 10, 2012 ·
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    On this page I will compile all the posts in the "Story Game" Thread I created, so you can read it all at once. Here's the link to the game

    The coop was noisy that morning. Pinky and Olive were aruguing over their breakfast, Nightsky was aurguing with Peach, who had gone broody in Nightsky's favorite nestbox, and Mango was having a pleasent conversation with Sugarplum--pleasent but loud. Elanora slipped out of the coop into the quiet run, shivering in the cool air. She had always felt out of place in the coop. She was the youngest, the smallest chicken there. She hadn't even reached laying age. She had been a mail order chick that had gotten lost in the mail and delivered to 45th avenue in Hearton, Colorado, instead of Hearton, Connecticut. She was the only one that had survived. The people who had ordered her said not to bother trying to send her back, they would just order more chicks. So her recipents gave her to a friend who kept chickens. Elanora had liked it there, but it seemed like every other hen there already had a good friend or sister. "ELANORRRAAAA" called Olive from the interior of the coop, "COME HELP US LOOK FOR THE OYSTER SHELL! MANGO HID IT AGAIN!"Elanora sighed and went back inside

    Elanora hated it when the others fought. The oyster shell located, Sugarplum approached Olive. "Ollie, dear, could you pass me some corn?" Olive, who was talking to Lander, looked up. "Make Pinky do it!" Poor Pinky sighed, for she new her place, and went to get the corn. Meanwhile, Nightsky was attempting conversation with Landed. She was complaining about sharing the nestbox with her inferiors. But, as usual Lander was answering with single words.
    NIghtsky gave Peach her dominent hen stare, but it was to no avail. Peach was nothing if not persistent, and no head hen was going to keep her from going broody. Neither was their owner, whom among the chickens was known as "TallLady". Sure, she had been broken before, but that was a half-hearted brood. She had never felt this determined in any preivious brood. Those eggs were going to hatch!

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