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CS15 The official place to find information regarding the Michigan Chicken Stock Picnic and Swap

By RaZ, Jan 7, 2015 | Updated: Jun 16, 2015 | | |
  1. RaZ
    The date has been set for the Michigan 2015 Chicken Stock (CS15)
    June 20, 2015 (third Saturday)
    10:00 am to 3:00 pm

    7001 Old River Trail
    1-1/2 miles north on Canal off Saginaw, and 1/2 mile east on Old River Trail

    This page will contain the official attendance list as well as the pot luck sign-in sheet that can be edited and updated as folks sign up. A second thread will be listed under the BYC chickenstock forum. I'll check that every day and update this page accordingly.(or so)

    BYC NameHow Many Attending?Food to ShareHelp with Set-up or Tear-down?Swap Meet OfferingIn Search Of…
    RaZ1Calico BeansSet-upBird and bat houses
    Uchytil2 (CindyA)Charcoal and salad trayPhotographer
    Precious Kitty1 (+1?)Venison steaksBoth
    Tracie1 + 4 kids
    Whatshisface2Portuguese sweet bread
    Glambka2Water Pysanky
    bigmrg742 Tear Down
    snowflake1 to 5something chocolateset-up & tables
    Silly Chicken 2veggie tubAll aroundTBD
    birdman551raspberry crab ragoonAll aroundred golden, yellow golden, and lady amherst pheasants
    justplainbatty1 Photographer
    JackieandChicks1 black/blue Amerucana hens/pullet
    Tracie4 Maybe 2 or 3 roosters
    misfitmorgan2Doritos and water TBD maybe colored muscovy and NNxEED'uccle, blue laced red wydontte, turkey, guineas
    jlynnet3 Jubilee Orpingtons, Bielefelders, Tolbunts and Swedish Flower Hens
    Hot dogs
    Folly's Place1Chocolate Cake & buns
    justplainbatty2Broccoli slawphotographer seeking dutch bantams, millie fleur hens

    Edited: 08-Jan
    Edited: 12-Jan
    Edited 27-Jan
    Edited 12-April
    Edited 13-April
    Edited 16-April x 2
    Edited 19-April
    Edited 20-May
    Edited 22*May
    Edit 15-June, 16-June

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  1. bigmrg74
    I'm coming and I'm bringing the girlfriend.
  2. snowflake
    looks like I will only be 1, daughter and g. kids will be on their way home from camp
  3. Candy442
    I think you counted me and Brett twice on the list above (both Candy 442 and 2 attending) :) We promise we will not eat for four people :)
  4. tntchix
    @RaZ, I can't go into it now but I will not be able to make it. Please remove my rsvp :((( Maybe next year.
  5. tmkuroda
    Add me and my hubby.. Tmkuroda I will bring fruit and dip?
  6. justplainbatty
    Hey RAZ, are you ok? I sure hope so! please put me down for 2 and a yet to be named dish to pass and "in search of" Dutch Bantams. Thanks. :)
  7. A2Kzoo2
    I plan on coming, likely on my own as my hubby is still in NY. I'll try to bring some fresh bread and/or salad (from the garden). Excited to come to my first CS!
  8. Whatshisface
    Hi Raz, Please take the Buff Orpingtons off. I will not be bringing them. I have had the worst luck this year with the chickens not only did I not getting any chicks but I have lost 3 hens, I suspect Coyotes. because my daughter told me she has been hearing them a lot lately.
  9. justplainbatty
    I forgot to add "in search of" dutch bantam and millie fleur hens/pullets (maybe a cockerel)
  10. justplainbatty
    Thanks Raz,i guess I'm committed! I'm excited now! I may be plus one or two people but won't know for sure until closer to event. :)

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