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By RaZ · Jan 7, 2015 · Updated Jun 16, 2015 ·
  1. RaZ
    The date has been set for the Michigan 2015 Chicken Stock (CS15)
    June 20, 2015 (third Saturday)
    10:00 am to 3:00 pm

    7001 Old River Trail
    1-1/2 miles north on Canal off Saginaw, and 1/2 mile east on Old River Trail

    This page will contain the official attendance list as well as the pot luck sign-in sheet that can be edited and updated as folks sign up. A second thread will be listed under the BYC chickenstock forum. I'll check that every day and update this page accordingly.(or so)

    BYC NameHow Many Attending?Food to ShareHelp with Set-up or Tear-down?Swap Meet OfferingIn Search Of…
    RaZ1Calico BeansSet-upBird and bat houses
    Uchytil2 (CindyA)Charcoal and salad trayPhotographer
    Precious Kitty1 (+1?)Venison steaksBoth
    Tracie1 + 4 kids
    Whatshisface2Portuguese sweet bread
    Glambka2Water Pysanky
    bigmrg742 Tear Down
    snowflake1 to 5something chocolateset-up & tables
    Silly Chicken 2veggie tubAll aroundTBD
    birdman551raspberry crab ragoonAll aroundred golden, yellow golden, and lady amherst pheasants
    justplainbatty1 Photographer
    JackieandChicks1 black/blue Amerucana hens/pullet
    Tracie4 Maybe 2 or 3 roosters
    misfitmorgan2Doritos and water TBD maybe colored muscovy and NNxEED'uccle, blue laced red wydontte, turkey, guineas
    jlynnet3 Jubilee Orpingtons, Bielefelders, Tolbunts and Swedish Flower Hens
    Hot dogs
    Folly's Place1Chocolate Cake & buns
    justplainbatty2Broccoli slawphotographer seeking dutch bantams, millie fleur hens

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    Edited 27-Jan
    Edited 12-April
    Edited 13-April
    Edited 16-April x 2
    Edited 19-April
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    Edit 15-June, 16-June

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  1. bigmrg74
    I'm coming and I'm bringing the girlfriend.
  2. snowflake
    looks like I will only be 1, daughter and g. kids will be on their way home from camp
  3. Candy442
    I think you counted me and Brett twice on the list above (both Candy 442 and 2 attending) :) We promise we will not eat for four people :)
  4. tntchix
    @RaZ, I can't go into it now but I will not be able to make it. Please remove my rsvp :((( Maybe next year.
  5. tmkuroda
    Add me and my hubby.. Tmkuroda I will bring fruit and dip?
  6. justplainbatty
    Hey RAZ, are you ok? I sure hope so! please put me down for 2 and a yet to be named dish to pass and "in search of" Dutch Bantams. Thanks. :)
  7. A2Kzoo2
    I plan on coming, likely on my own as my hubby is still in NY. I'll try to bring some fresh bread and/or salad (from the garden). Excited to come to my first CS!
  8. Whatshisface
    Hi Raz, Please take the Buff Orpingtons off. I will not be bringing them. I have had the worst luck this year with the chickens not only did I not getting any chicks but I have lost 3 hens, I suspect Coyotes. because my daughter told me she has been hearing them a lot lately.
  9. justplainbatty
    I forgot to add "in search of" dutch bantam and millie fleur hens/pullets (maybe a cockerel)
  10. justplainbatty
    Thanks Raz,i guess I'm committed! I'm excited now! I may be plus one or two people but won't know for sure until closer to event. :)
  11. RaZ
    Edited on 12 April 2015. Sorry for the delay.
  12. justplainbatty
    You can also press me into service for photography (I'm a push over) Not a pro but good at candid, sneak attacks and animals in motion. My old Nikon D40 does me right. No video tho. If the general consensus is "lug that around all day, we'd love it" then I'll happily do it!
  13. justplainbatty
    I think I would like to come! What is required and what is optional? I can donate for pavilion, no chickens on offer, desperately seeking dutch bantams and would also like a Millie Fleur. Thinking about what to put on swap table....TYIA
  14. abbypeaches
    Three of us will attend. Not sure what dish to pass. Looking forward to it!
  15. Candy442
    Brett and I will be attending.
  16. birdman55
    im in for sure...not sure what dish...might be raspberry crab ragoon, and egg rolls. my girlfriend is hmong so it will be authentic. we will help with whatever. as for birds..red golden, yellow golden, and lady amherst pheasants. maybe some mixed chickens if anyone would like them or possibly fertile mixed chicken eggs or even pheasant eggs.
  17. tntchix
    Raz, add one more person for me. DD, the "actual" owner of the chickens is coming with me. LOL
  18. JackieandChicks
    Not sure of what I am bringing but am looking for black/blue Amerucana hens/pullets
  19. Whatshisface
    Hi Raz, Please put me down for 2 people. I will be bringing my wife. Thanks!
  20. preciouskitty
    Lol! Hey RaZ, check the formatting for the # attending column..you prob typed "1-5" for snowflake; came out "5-Jan". Suspect it's in date format!!
  21. SillyChicken
    Will help start to finish, what ever is needed.
  22. SillyChicken
    Attending: me and a friend
    ME: veggie tub
    Friend: a dish of something

    We'll also bring a couple raffle items if there will be one this year.
  23. snowflake
    1-5 will be there, never know if daughter and grands can make it till the last min. but i'm in can bring 3 white plastic tables, and help set up, will bring something chocolate?
  24. tntchix
    passing dish, tbd
  25. glambka
    Passing dish and maybe a couple of pysanky
  26. Living the Simple Life
    Living the Simple Life (4) passing dish tba
  27. preciouskitty
    Venison steaks & maybe something else once we see what's "missing"
    Help with set up & tear down

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