Day 4 Rooster Progress:
David Bowie/Re-re/Buddy, my Polish rooster has been getting much strgoner! He's been standing up to eat and is walking around a lot better! Although his head does tilt and wobble and randomly drop down to the ground... He does seem more energetic :) He even pecked a hen for walking in front of him, well barely pecked her.He's chirping a lot more too now,doing his raptor screech and kind of cooing when I talk to him. Right now he's sitting on my computer chair's arm trying to balence his head,kinda leaning it on me every now and then. Sometimes he'll lift his head way up high and other times it just....drops! Just hangs there.I really wish I knew exactly what was wrong with him.I was thinking maybe when the dog was playing with him she tore some muscleds,like when we strain are muscles when working out? Maybe his muscles are just weak? No heart attack/stroke.Hopefully that's all it is.
I'll update again in a few days!