Welcome to my BackyardChickens.com Member Page! My name is Dawn Suiter and I began keeping chickens & turkeys in the Summer of 2008 and have been a member of BackyardChickens ever since! This place is fantastic for finding all the information you could need on poultry keeping, and you'll find thousands of helpful members ready to help & support you! You can see all of my permanent coops in the photo above, and one of our Livestock Guardian Dogs as well. To see more about my coops, use the links at the top of this page.
I'm located in East Tennessee near the North Carolina State Line and live in the Great Smoky Mountains AND the Cherokee National Forest! I keep a variety of animals and current details are available on my website. I current breed Blue Australorps (Black & Splash), and Green & Olive Eggers.
I sell & ship hatching/fertile eggs from all of my breeding pens in season. Flat Rate Shipping of $18 per box (up to 2 dozen eggs). Prices on a dozen eggs varies per breed, please visit my website or email me for information. I also sell adult Roosters & Hens when I have extras! I can also hatch chicks for you! Visit my website for more information & current availability.
Visit my website for current information, to see our coops or to read my blog!