Day 2 - Chicken World
So we were watching our new chix as they were getting their pecking order established and we noticed this one RIR giving a BPR a hard time, pecking at her eyes, it seemed. Christine has no tolerance for this, so she swatted it with her fingers. Bt it got up and went after the BPR. After the 3rd or 4th time, Chirstine's responses were getting more serious and finally the thing flew, although this is not in the normal way birds fly, across the brooder into the post holding up the heat lamp. The RIR then kind of went into deep thought about what it had done, or maybe what was happening every time she pecked the BPR, and avoided that bird. In fact, she avoided all the other birds for while. Christine was concerned maybe she had caused a subdural hematoma and we were going to lose the RIR, or maybe it would survive, but need to ride the short bus to pullet school. That was yesterday, but today, the RIR has reunited with it's fellow chix and appears to be doing okay, although not as aggressive as she was yesterday, if she is in fact a she anyway, because one never really knows with chix until the feathers come out.

Our night was uninterrupted except by our fears that the chix were not making noise, but each time either one of us looked in on them, they got up, ate a little, drank a little and resumed their napping.