Day 7 - It's about Poop!
Yesterday I noticed my Red making a watery puddle that was a brownish, brick color so I'm all nervous about coccidia. My neighbor suggests that is what one has, and if one has it, more will. He suggested I get Sulfamet even though I have Amprolium in the feed. I've read around BYC, and the tuff folks want tuff birds, which makes sense. But I like THESE birds and I'm not a breeder, so if this is the end of the family tree who cares? None seem tired or unable to move, but that seems to be the final stages of anything. So I posted my problem and am hoping for the best.
Oh, after reading my prior posts I guess I should say they are in a trough, on sand, and I'm feeding them from a hanging feeder laid on the ground and a gallon waterer. I clean this 2-3x/day. The temp is now being set in the high 80s, with my heat lamp and thermometer telling me how high up the lamp goes.